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Cat#Previewsort iconIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
ITC00123Image ITC0012386638BREL / EE Class 86/6FreightlinerRugby 27/04/2005
with 86632
ITC00124Image ITC0012486638BREL / EE Class 86/6FreightlinerRugby 27/04/2005
ITC00125Image ITC0012586632BREL / EE Class 86/6FreightlinerRugby 27/04/2005
ITC00126Image ITC0012692001Brush Class 92EWS [Victor Hugo]Rugby 27/04/2005
ITC00127Image ITC0012792001Brush Class 92EWS [Victor Hugo]Rugby 27/04/2005
ITC00128Image ITC0012866567EMD Class 66FreightlinerRugby 27/04/2005
ITC00129Image ITC0012966409EMD Class 66DRSRugby 27/04/2005
ITC00130Image ITC0013066409EMD Class 66DRSRugby 27/04/2005
ITC00131Image ITC0013187012BREL Class 87Network South East [The Olympian]Rugby 27/04/2005
"Back the Bid - London 2012"
ITC00132Image ITC0013292011Brush Class 92EWS [Handel]Rugby 27/04/2005
ITC00133Image ITC0013392011Brush Class 92EWS [Handel]Rugby 27/04/2005
ITC00134Image ITC0013492007Brush Class 92EWS [Schubert]Rugby 27/04/2005
ITC00135Image ITC0013592007Brush Class 92EWS [Schubert]Rugby 27/04/2005
ITC00136Image ITC0013666510EMD Class 66FreightlinerRugby 27/04/2005
ITC00137Image ITC0013766508EMD Class 66FreightlinerRugby 27/04/2005
ITC00138Image ITC0013866519EMD Class 66FreightlinerRugby 27/04/2005
ITC00139Image ITC0013957605Brush Class 57First Great Western [Totnes Castle]Penzance 7/5/2005
ITC00140Image ITC0014057605Brush Class 57First Great Western [Totnes Castle]Penzance 7/5/2005
ITC00141Image ITC0014157605Brush Class 57First Great Western [Totnes Castle]Penzance 7/5/2005
ITC00142Image ITC0014257605Brush Class 57First Great Western [Totnes Castle]Penzance 7/5/2005
ITC00143Image ITC0014359202EMD Class 59EWS [Vale of White Horse]Acton 17/5/2005
Top of cab out of shot
ITC00144Image ITC0014459204EMD Class 59EWS [Vale of Glamorgan]Acton 17/5/2005
ITC00145Image ITC0014559204EMD Class 59EWS [Vale of Glamorgan]Acton 17/5/2005
ITC00146Image ITC0014659203EMD Class 59EWS [Vale of Pickering]Acton 17/5/2005
ITC00147Image ITC0014766142EMD Class 66EWSActon 17/5/2005
ITC00148Image ITC0014859002EMD Class 59Mendip Raiul (MRL) [Alan J Day]Acton 17/5/2005
ITC00149Image ITC0014966093EMD Class 66EWSActon 17/5/2005
ITC00150Image ITC0015066224EMD Class 66EWSActon 17/5/2005
ITC00151Image ITC0015187004BREL Class 87Virgin [Britannia]Rugby 18/5/2005
ITC00152Image ITC0015287004BREL Class 87Virgin [Britannia]Rugby 18/5/2005
ITC00153Image ITC0015387013BREL Class 87no titlesRugby 18/5/2005
Virgin basic colour scheme
ITC00154Image ITC0015490043BREL Class 90Freightliner [Coatbridge]Rugby 18/5/2005
ITC00155Image ITC0015566522EMD Class 66FreightlinerRugby 18/5/2005
East London Express Shanks Freightliner livery.
ITC00156Image ITC0015692018Brush Class 92SNCF [Stendhal]Rugby 18/5/2005
ITC00157Image ITC0015787002BREL Class 87Porterbrook [The AC Locomotive Group]Rugby 18/5/2005
ITC00158Image ITC0015857004Brush Class 57Freightliner [Freightliner Quality]Rugby 18/5/2005
ITC00159Image ITC0015960013Brush Class 60no titles [Robert Boyle]Rugby 18/5/2005
ITC00160Image ITC0016092030Brush Class 92Railfreight Distribution [Ashford]Rugby 18/5/2005
ITC00161Image ITC0016187012BREL Class 87Network South East [The Olympian]Rugby 18/5/2005
"Back the Bid - London 2012" - Speed blur
ITC00162Image ITC0016287012BREL Class 87Network South East [The Olympian]Rugby 18/5/2005
"Back the Bid - London 2012" - Speed blur
ITC00163Image ITC0016392036Brush Class 92no titles [Bertolt Brecht]Rugby 18/5/2005
ITC00164Image ITC0016466404EMD Class 66DRSRugby 18/5/2005
ITC00165Image ITC0016566404EMD Class 66DRSRugby 18/5/2005
ITC00166Image ITC0016666711EMD Class 66GBRfRugby 18/5/2005
ITC00167Image ITC0016766711EMD Class 66GBRfRugby 18/5/2005
ITC00168Image ITC0016892036Brush Class 92no titles [Bertolt Brecht]Rugby 18/5/2005
ITC00169Image ITC0016966409EMD Class 66DRSRugby 18/5/2005
ITC00170Image ITC0017092018Brush Class 92SNCF [Stendhal]Rugby 18/5/2005
ITC00171Image ITC0017192018Brush Class 92SNCF [Stendhal]Rugby 18/5/2005
ITC00172Image ITC0017266566EMD Class 66FreightlinerRugby 18/5/2005