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Cat#Previewsort iconIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
JM12457Image JM12457Broom Junction South. 2nd June 1962Broom Junction 2/6/1962
Taken from train.
JM12459Image JM1245956Rhymney Railway RRA 0-6-2TBritish RailwaysSwindon 12/12/1953
Poor light
JM12460Image JM124607017GWR Castle Class 4-6-0British Railways [G J Churchward]Lickey Bank 16/4/1955
Ian Allan Trains Illustrated Excursion. Hole in negative - smokebox
JM12461Image JM12461The closed Bromyard branch near Bransford. 25th October 1964Nr Bransford 25/10/1964
JM12462Image JM1246273039British Railways Standard class five 4-6-0British RailwaysUpper Battenhall 11/7/1955
JM12463Image JM12463682Cardiff Railway CR-2 0-6-0PTBritish RailwaysSwindon 12/12/1953
JM12464Image JM1246445663LMS Jubilee class 4-6-0British Railways [Jervis]Wadborough 20/3/1954
JM12465Image JM124655011GWR Castle class 4-6-0British Railways [Tintagel Castle]Paignton 23/8/1954
Too close to camera
JM12466Image JM124666950GWR Hall class 4-6-0British Railways [Kingsthorpe Hall]Upper Battenhall 26/2/1955
JM12467Image JM124676845GWR Grange class 4-6-0British Railways [Paviland Grange]Upper Battenhall 3/12/1954
JM12468Image JM124681661British Railways 1600 class 0-6-0PTBritish RailwaysHill Evans branch, Worcester 7/6/1961
JM12469Image JM12469Worsester engine shed during 1955 rail strikeWorcester 13/6/1955
JM12469-d1Image JM12469-d13815GWR 2800 class 2-8-0British RailwaysWorcester Shed 13/6/1955
JM12470Image JM12470nkGWR RailcarBritish RailwaysAshchurch 12/8/1961
slight bluring due to slow shutter speed.
JM12471Image JM1247161155LNER B1 4-6-0British RailwaysAshchurch 12/8/1961
small image
JM12472Image JM1247232124LBSC E1R 0-6-2TBritish RailwaysExeter St Davids 28/8/1954
JM12473Image JM12473Beckford Station looking North East. 4th August 1962.Beckworth 4/8/1962
Looking N.E. Closed 1/7/1963.
JM12474Image JM12474Ashton under Hill station looking South West. 4th August 1962.*Ashton under Hill 4/8/1962
Looking S.W. Closed 17/6/1963.
JM12475Image JM1247578009British Railways Standard Class 2/1 2-6-0British RailwaysWorcester shed 1/4/1962
Taken from Railway Walk
JM12476Image JM1247642400LMS 4P-D class 2-6-4TBritish RailwaysBeckford 4/8/1962
JM12477Image JM12477Midland Railway bridge sign at Hinton on the Green. 4th August 1962Hinton on the Green 4/8/1962
Not sharp
JM12478Image JM12478Hinton on the Green station looking North East. 4th August 1962*Hinton on the Green 4/8/1962
Closed 1/7/1963
JM12479Image JM1247982038British Railways Standard class 3/2 2-6-2TBritish RailwaysWorcester Shed 15/6/1955
From Railway Walk
JM12480Image JM1248042826LMS CRABBritish RailwaysBredicot 1/8/1953
JM12481Image JM124812882GWR 2800 ClassBritish RailwaysUpper Battenhall 11/6/1953
JM12482Image JM12482Leigh Court Station 27th June 1953Leigh Court Station 27/6/1953
0-6-0 2458 departing in distance
JM12483Image JM1248373011BR Standard Class 5British RailwaysUpper Batten Hall 11/7/1955
LMS Class 4P-A 41195 behind
JM12484Image JM124844625GWR Class 5700British RailwaysHenwick 27/2/1954
JM12485Image JM1248592153BR Standard 9FBritish RailwaysNr Eckington 14/4/1962
On an ESSO petrol tanker train
JM12486Image JM1248643855MR Class 4F-BBritish RailwaysBroom Junction 11/8/1960
JM12487Image JM1248745565LMS Jubilee ClassBritish Railways [Victoria]Abbots Wood
JM12488Image JM124887315GWR 4300 ClassBritish RailwaysUpper Battenhall 3/12/1954
JM12489Image JM1248945585LMS Jubilee ClassBritish Railways [Hyderabad]Upper Battenhall 19/4/1954
JM12490Image JM124907005GWR 4073 Castle ClassBritish Railways [Lamphey Castle]Perrywood Walk, Worcester 27/12/1953
JM12491Image JM124915690LMS Jubilee ClassLMS (Preserved) [Leander]Hereford 4/10/1975
JM12492Image JM124925690LMS Jubilee ClassLMS (Preserved) [Leander]Hereford 4/10/1975
JM12493Image JM1249392136BR Standard Class 9FBritish RailwaysBredicot 10/1959
JM12494Image JM12494Broom Junction Station, 11th March 1962Broom Junction Station 11/3/1962
JM12495Image JM12495Worcester skyline with train, cannal and allotments seen from Landsdown Crescent*Worcester 7/6/1961
JM12496Image JM1249644826LMS 5MT - Black FiveBritish RailwaysLickey Bank 16/4/1955
JM12497Image JM124975081GWR 4073 Castle ClassBritish Railways [ Lockheed Hudson]Upper Battenhall 11/7/1955
JM12498Image JM1249845610LMS Jubilee ClassBritish Railways [Gold Coast]Shrub Hill 27/8/1953
JM12499Image JM12499GWR bridge weight limitation sign near Lulsley. October 1964Lulsley, Worcs 25/10/1964
JM12500Image JM12500Spetchley, September 1959*Spetchley, Worcs 13/9/1959
Two 38xx Class locos (inc 3854) and a 94xx in background. Ford Popular and two motorbikes in foreground. Grainy shot.
JM12501Image JM1250143186MR 3F-BBritish RailwaysBromsgrove 16/4/1955
JM12502Image JM125027246GWR 7200 ClassBritish RailwaysUpper Battenhall 3/12/1954
JM12503Image JM1250343017LMS 4F-ABritish RailwaysWadborough 20/3/1954
JM12504Image JM125042817GWR 2800 ClassBritish RailwaysNorton Junction 26/9/1958
JM12505Image JM125057034GWR 4073 Castle ClassBritish Railways [Ince Castle]Upper Battenhall 11/9/1963
JM12506Image JM125064571GWR 4500 ClassBritish RailwaysUpper Battenhall 11/7/1955