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Cat#Previewsort iconIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
JM12408Image JM1240844165LMS 4F-C Class 0-6-0British RailwaysWadborough 20/3/1954
JM12409Image JM124096839GWR Grange Class 4-6-0British Railways [Hewell Grange]Abbotswood 25/9/1961
JM12410Image JM124106926GWR Hall Class 4-6-0British Railways [Holkham Hall]Upper Battenhall 19/8/1953
JM12411Image JM12411Broom Junction - March 1962Broom Junction 11/3/1962
JM12412Image JM1241244821LMS 5MT Class 4-6-0British RailwaysWadborough 5/1954
"Black Five"
JM12413Image JM1241344818LMS 5MT Class 4-6-0British RailwaysBredicot 1/8/1953
"Black Five"
JM12414Image JM124145003GWR Castle Class 4-6-0British Railways [Lulworth Castle]Paignton 23/8/1954
JM12415Image JM124154147GWR 5101 Class 2-6-2TBritish RailwaysUpper Battenhall 11/7/1955
JM12416Image JM1241645568LMS Jubilee Class 4-6-0British Railways [Western Australia]Upper Battenhall 11/7/1955
JM12417Image JM124175086GWR Castle Class 4-6-0British Railways [Viscount Horne]Worcester, Shrub Hill 20/2/1954
JM12418Image JM1241845739LMS Jubilee Class 4-6-0British Railways [Ulster]Wadbrough 2/3/1954
"The Devonian"
JM12419Image JM1241934036SR West Country Class 4-6-2British Railways [Westward Ho!]Exeter, St Davids 26/8/1954
Poor light
JM12420Image JM1242030717SR T9 4-4-0British RailwaysExeter, St Davids 28/8/1954
JM12421Image JM12421Westbury Street Bridge, WorcesterWorcester and Birmingham Canal 12/4/1964
JM12422Image JM124224111GWR 5101 Class 2-6-2TBritish RailwaysUpper Battenhall 2/7/1953
JM12423Image JM1242345509LMS Patriot Class 4-6-0British Railways [The Derbyshire Yeomanry]Upper Battenhall 3/12/1954
JM12424Image JM1242475006BR BR4/1 Class 4-6-0British RailwaysSwindon 12/12/1953
Buffer just out of shot - poor light.
JM12425Image JM1242548361LMS 8F-A Class 2-8-0British RailwaysWadborough 20/3/1954
JM12426Image JM12426UnidentifiedBR Class 47 Bo-BoBritish RailwaysPerry Wood 5/2/1977
JM12427Image JM124271023BR Class 52 WesternBritish Railways [Western Fusilier]River Severn 5/2/1977
Cardiff - Paddington "Western Finale" special. Withdrawn 28/2/77 and now part of the national collection, NRM
JM12428Image JM124286947GWR Hall Class 4-6-0British Railways [Helmingham Hall]Upper Battenhall 3/12/1954
7035 Ogmore Hall approaching
JM12429Image JM124296950GWR Hall Class 4-6-0British Railways [Kingsthorpe Hall]Upper Battenhall 11/7/1955
Buffer just out of shot.
JM12430Image JM12430Beckford Station - 27th May 1961Beckford, Worcs 27/5/1961
Looking NE towards Evesham. Closed 17/6/1963
JM12431Image JM124313163GWR 3150 Class 2-6-2TBritish RailwaysGloucester 12/12/1953
Close to camera.
JM12432Image JM12432UnidentifiedBR Class 50British RailwaysPerry Wood 2/1979
JM12433Image JM12433Worcester Shed from Railway Walk. 1957Worcester 1957
Grainy original poor light.
JM12434Image JM12434Worcester Shed from Railway Walk. 1976*Worcester 27/12/1976
47147 in foreground and 31256 to the right.
JM12435Image JM1243543046LMS 4F-A 2-6-0British RailwaysUpper Battenhall 2/7/1953
Double heading the 9PM mail train with 4-4-0 41180. Failing light
JM12436Image JM1243640934LMS 4P-A Class 4-4-0British RailwaysUpper Battenhall 19/5/1954
JM12437Image JM1243743507MR 3F-CB 0-6-0British RailwaysDefford 10/4/1954
Slight motion blur
JM12438Image JM1243845690LMS Jubilee Class 4-6-0British Railways [Leander]Abbots Wood 25/9/1961
JM12439Image JM124395090GWR Castle Class 4-6-0British Railways [Neath Abby]Upper Battenhall 18/5/1954
JM12440Image JM12440Broom Junction after removal of track 20th May 1965Broom Junction 20/5/1965
JM12441Image JM1244142824LMS Crab Class 2-6-0British RailwaysAbbots Wood 25/9/1961
JM12442Image JM124421004GWR "County" Class 4-6-0British Railways [County of Somerset]Upper Battenhall 6/9/1953
JM12443-e1Image JM12443-e145654LMS Jubilee Class 4-6-0British Railways [Hood]Ashchurch Junction Station 17/4/1954
Passing Ashchurch Level Crossing box at speed.
JM12443-e2Image JM12443-e2Ashchurch Level Crossing boxAshchurch Junction Station 17/4/1954
JM12444Image JM124442837GWR 2800 Class 2-8-0British RailwaysUpper Battenhall 3/12/1954
JM12445Image JM124452034GWR 0-6-0PTBritish RailwaysHill Evans branch 21/8/1953
JM12446Image JM1244645654LMS Jubilee Class 4-6-0British Railways [Hood]Nr Norton 27/12/1953
JM12447Image JM1244715-05 Worcester - Hereford at Rainbow Hill 27th December 1976*Rainbow Hill 27/12/1976
JM12448Image JM124483044North Brirtish ROD 2-8-0British RailwaysWadborough 20/3/1954
JM12449Image JM124497035British Railways Castle Class 4-6-0British Railways [Ogmore Hall]Upper Battenhall 3/12/1954
JM12450Image JM12450Broom Junction Station remains. 20th May 1965Broom Jynction Station 20/5/1965
JM12451Image JM1245142938LMS 5F Crab 2-6-0British RailwaysBredicot 1/8/1953
JM12452Image JM124526018GWR King Class 4-6-0British Railways [King George IV]Swindon works 12/12/1953
Too close to camera
JM12453Image JM124535022GWR Castle Class 4-6-0British Railways [Wigmore Castle]Upper Battenhall 19/4/1954
JM12454Image JM1245461209North British B1 class 4-6-0British RailwaysSwindon 6/12/1953
Poor light
JM12455Image JM124551362GWR 1361 Class 0-6-0STBridgwater 28/8/1954
JM12456Image JM124562801GWR 2800 Class 2-8-0Henwick 27/2/1954