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Cat#Previewsort iconIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
JM12249Image JM122492034GWR 2021 Class 0-6-0PTBritish RailwaysShrub Hill 20/2/1954
JM12250Image JM122502034GWR 2021 Class 0-6-0PTBritish RailwaysShrub Hill 20/2/1954
JM12359Image JM123594472LNER Class A3Alan Pegler [Flying Scotsman]Spetchley 18/3/1964
"Ffestiniog Railway" headboard
JM12360Image JM1236040934LMS Class 4P-ABritish RailwaysUpper Battenhall 3/12/1954
JM12361Image JM12361Worcester Shed (A 85) on 30th May 1965Railway Walk 30/5/1965
LMS Class 8F-A 48090 and others.
JM12362Image JM12362Worcester Shed (A 85) on 2nd May 1964*Railway Walk 2/5/1964
GWR Castle Class 7013 (Bristol Castle, right with nameplate removed) and 5014 (Goodrich Castle, left) with Hymek 7028 beyond
JM12363Image JM12363Worcester Shed (A 85) on 1st April 1962*Railway Walk 2/5/1964
GWR Castle Class 7002 (Devizes Castle, nearest camera - withdrawn from service) and 5018 (St Mawes Castle, withdrawn at end of month)
JM12364Image JM1236442823LMS Class CRABBritish RailwaysAshchurch 14/4/1962
JM12365Image JM123653827GWR 2800 ClassBritish RailwaysAshchurch 14/4/1962
JM12366Image JM123664571GWR 4500 ClassBritish RailwaysBromyard 25/8/1953
JM12367Image JM12367W.15GWR tenderBritish Railways EngineeringLeigh Court 27/6/1953
Used by BR Engineering.
JM12368Image JM123682458GWR 2301 ClassBritish RailwaysLeigh Court 27/6/1953
JM12369Image JM12369The closed Bromyard branch line near Bransford. 25th October 1964Bransford 25/10/1964
JM12370Image JM123704613GWR 5700 ClassBritish RailwaysLeigh Court 11/10/1954
JM12371Image JM123714571GWR 4500 ClassBritish RailwaysLeigh Court 18/8/1953
JM12372Image JM123723607GWR 5700 ClassBritish RailwaysLeigh Court 27/6/1953
JM12373Image JM12373Leigh Court 27th June 1953 with 0-6-0 4613Leigh Court 27/6/1953
JM12375Image JM12375Midland Railway sign at Malvern Wells. 6th May 1956Malvern Wells 6/5/1956
JM12376Image JM123765036GWR Castle ClassBritish Railways [Lyonshall Castle]Ubber Battenhall 1/8/1953
On the 2-10 pm Paddington Express
JM12377Image JM123774061GWR 4000 "Star" ClassBritish Railways [Glastonbury Abbey]Ubber Battenhall 11/7/1955
On the 2-10 pm Paddington Express
JM12378Image JM123785323GWR 4300 ClassBritish RailwaysShrub Hill 6/7/1953
Passing 6810 "Blakemere Grange"
JM12379Image JM123794053GWR 4000 "Star" ClassBritish Railways [Princess Alexandra]Perrywood Walk 18/8/1953
JM12380Image JM123802034GWR 2021 ClassBritish RailwaysShrub Hill 20/2/1954
JM12381Image JM12381Worcester Shed during ASLEF strike. 13th June 1955.Railway Walk, Worcester 13/6/1955
Note diesel rail car en route Malvern probably being worked by NUR staff.
JM12382Image JM12382Suckley Station on the Worcester, Bromyard and Leominster branch. 7th August 1962*Suckley Station 7/8/1962
JM12383Image JM1238310-50 Shrub Hill to Hereford DMU crossing River Severn. 5th February 1977*Worcester 5/2/1977
JM12384Image JM123846839RWG 6800 "Grange" ClassBritish Railways [Hewell Grange]Upper Battenhall 11/7/1955
JM12385Image JM1238543812Midland Railway 3F-D ClassBritish RailwaysWorcester Shed 13/6/1955
0-6-0 3607 (GWR 5700 Class) behind and 5914 (GWR 4900 "Hall" Class) Ripon Hall beyond.
JM12386Image JM1238658071Midland Railway 1P-D ClassBritish RailwaysGloucester, Barnwood 12/12/1953
Note coach beyond with GWR titles.
JM12387Image JM12387Broom Junction Station. 19th August 1960.Broom Junction 19/8/1960
JM12388Image JM12388Worcester Shed during 1955 railway strike. 13th June 1955*Worcester 13/6/1955
In shot are engines 3775, 3815, 43036, 3204, 7707
JM12389Image JM1238973048British Railways Standard Class 5British RailwaysDefford 27/3/1954
JM12390Image JM12390Norton Junction in 1970 prior to the Oxford line being singledNorton Junction 1970
JM12391Image JM12391Norton Junction in 1970 prior to the Oxford line being singled*Norton Junction 1970
JM12392Image JM1239241537Midland Railway 0F-B ClassBritish RailwaysGloucester 12/12/1953
JM12393Image JM1239330193LSWR O-2 ClassBritish RailwaysExmouth Junction 26/8/1954
JM12394Image JM1239473048British Railwats Standard Class 5British RailwaysUpper Battenhall 3/12/1954
JM12395Image JM12395285Taff Vale O4 ClassBritish RailwaysSwindon 12/12/1953
grainy - poor light.
JM12396Image JM1239644847LMS 5MT ClassBritish RailwaysBredivot 1/8/1953
"Black Five"
JM12397Image JM1239775004British Railways Standard Class 4/1British RailwaysUpper Battenhall 3/12/1954
JM12398Image JM1239844815LMS 5MT ClassBritish RailwaysUpper Battenhall 14/6/1953
JM12399Image JM1239948185LMS 8F ClassBritish RailwaysBromsgrove 16/4/1955
JM12400Image JM1240045577LMS Jubilee Class 4-6-0British Railways [Bengal]Lickey Bank 16/4/1955
JM12401Image JM124013218GWR 2251 Class 0-6-0British RailwaysUpper Battenhall 27/3/1954
JM12402Image JM1240244857LMS 5MT Class 4-6-0British RailwaysUpper Battenhall 11/9/1953
"Black Five"
JM12403Image JM1240373004BR 5MT Class 4-6-0British RailwaysWorcester, Shrub Hill 27/8/1953
Standard Class 5
JM12404Image JM1240443853MR 4F-B Class 0-6-0British RailwaysWadborough 20/3/1954
Has LMS tender
JM12405Image JM1240541117LMS 4P-A Class 4-4-0British RailwaysWadborough 5/1954
JM12406Image JM1240645659LMS Jubilee Class 4-6-0British Railways [Drake]Upper Battenhall 1/8/1953
JM12407Image JM1240730745LSWR N15 King Arthur Class 4-6-0British Railways [Tintagel]Exmouth Junction 26/8/1964
Oil burner. Poor light