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Cat#Previewsort iconIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
JM12200Image JM1220034024Southern Railway West Country 4-6-2British Railways (Southern Reigon) [Tamar Valley]Exeter, St Davids 26/8/1954
JM12201Image JM1220173039British Railways Standard Class 5 4-6-0British RailwaysExeter, St Davids 26/8/1954
Mixed goods
JM12202Image JM1220230334LSWR H15 4-6-0British Railways (Southern Reigon)Exeter, St Davids 26/8/1954
F13 rebuild
JM12203Image JM1220370016British Railways Britannia 4-6-2British Railways [Ariel]Exeter, St Davids 26/8/1954
JM12204Image JM1220410203British Railways Class D16/2 Co+CoBritish RailwaysExmouth Junction 26/8/1954
JM12205Image JM1220530199LSWR Nine Elms Class O2 0-4-4TBritish RailwaysExmouth Junction 26/8/1954
Various snow ploughs also in shot.
JM12206Image JM1220631847SEC Class N 2-6-0British RailwaysExmouth Junction 26/8/1954
JM12207Image JM1220730954SR Class Z 0-8-0TBritish RailwaysExmouth Junction 26/8/1954
JM12208Image JM1220831792SR Class U 2-6-0British RailwaysExmouth Junction 26/8/1954
JM12209Image JM1220934013SR West Country Class 4-6-0British Railways [Oakhampton]Exmouth Junction 26/8/1954
JM12210Image JM122105079GWR 4073 "Castle" Class 4-6-0British Railways [Lysander]Paignton 23/8/1954
Torbay Express A bit close to camera.
JM12211Image JM122115079GWR 4073 "Castle" Class 4-6-0British Railways [Lysander]Paignton 23/8/1954
Torbay Express
JM12212Image JM122127815GWR 7800 "Manor" Class 4-6-0British Railways [Fritwell Manor]Paignton 23/8/1954
JM12213Image JM122134569GWR 4500 Class 0-6-0PTBritish RailwaysPaignton 27/8/1954
On coal train
JM12214Image JM1221445626LMS "Jubilee" Class 4-6-0British Railways [Seychelles]Bredicot 1/8/1953
JM12215Image JM1221542417LMS Class 4 2-6-4TBritish RailwaysBroom Junction 24/3/1962
Token exchange
JM12216Image JM122165542GWR 4575 Class 2-6-2TBritish RailwaysPaignton 23/8/1954
JM12217Image JM1221744858 and 41047LMS Black 5 4-6-0British RailwaysUpper Batten Hill 11/9/1953
And 41047 4-4-0 LMS Class 4
JM12218Image JM12218Black 5 44755 heads a parcels train near Wadborough. 20th March 1954nr Wadborough 20/3/1954
JM12219Image JM122195090GWR 4073 "Castle" Class 4-6-0British Railways [Neath Abby]Upper Battenhall 2/7/1953
JM12220Image JM1222045572LMS Jubilee Class 4-6-0British Railways [Eire]Ashchurch 17/4/1954
JM12221Image JM122216938GWR 4900 "Hall" ClassBritish Railways [Corndean Hall]Upper Battenhall 25/7/1953
JM12222Image JM1222240486LMS Class 2P 4-4-0British RailwaysUpper Battenhall 26/2/1955
In snow
JM12223Image JM1222345639LMS "Jubilee" Class 4-6-0British Railways [Raleigh]Perry Wood Walk, Worcester 16/6/1955
JM12224Image JM1222447502 - 47402 and 58100LMS Class 3F 0-6-0TBritish RailwaysLickey Bank 16/4/1955
58100 MR "Big Bertha" 0-10-0 at rear.
JM12225Image JM122255045GWR 4073 "Castle" Class 4-6-0British Railways [Earl of Dudley]Upper Battenhall 14/6/1953
JM12226Image JM1222641064LMS Class 4P 4-4-0British RailwaysUpper Battenhall 2/7/1953
JM12227Image JM122274924GWR 4900 " Hall" Class 4-6-0British Railways [Eydon Hall]Upper Battenhall 2/7/1953
On mixed goods
JM12228Image JM122285037GWR 4073 "Castle" Class 4-6-0British Railways [Monmouth Castle]Upper Battenhall 3/12/1954
JM12229Image JM1222930717LSWR Class T9 4-4-0British RailwaysExeter, St Davids 28/8/1954
JM12230Image JM1223042419 & 4113LMS Class 4P 2-6-4TBritish RailwaysWorcester shed 7/6/1961
Also 4113, GWR 5101 Class 2-6-2T. Taken from Railway Walk, Worcester
JM12231Image JM12231NKEnglish Electric Type 3 / Class 37British RailwaysNorton Junction 2/1979
On coal train
JM12232Image JM1223261303LNER Class B1 4-6-0British RailwaysWorcester shed 30/5/1965
Worcester shed. Taken from Railway Walk, Worcester
JM12233Image JM1223342419 & 4113LMS Class 4P 2-6-4TBritish RailwaysWorcester shed 7/6/1961
Also 4113, GWR 5101 Class 2-6-2T. Taken from Railway Walk, Worcester
JM12234Image JM122343044 & 1662GWR ROD 2-8-0British RailwaysWorcester shed 13/6/1955
Also 1662, GWR Class 1600 0-6-0PT and 4175, GWR Class 5100 2-6-2T. Taken from Railway Walk, Worcester
JM12235Image JM122357025GWR 4073 "Castle" Class 4-6-0British Railways [Sudeley Castle]Worcester shed 14/5/1964
Taken from Railway Walk, Worcester
JM12236Image JM122364569GWR 4500 Class 2-6-2TBritish RailwaysPaignton 25/8/1954
On coal train.
JM12237Image JM1223744830LMS Class 5 4-6-0British RailwaysWadborough 2/3/1954
JM12238Image JM1223847502SDJR Class 3F 0-6-0TBritish RailwaysBromsgrove 16/4/1955
JM12239Image JM12239D39BR "Peak" ClassBritish RailwaysAbbotswood 20/6/1964
JM12240Image JM12240Broom Junction Station 20th May 1965Broom Junction Station 20/5/1965
Compare with JM12242
JM12241Image JM12241431B&MR 0-6-2TBritish RailwaysSwindon 12/12/1953
JM12242Image JM12242Broom Junction Station 19 August 1960*Broom Junction Station 20/5/1965
Compare with JM12240
JM12243-e1Image JM12243-e1Worcester Shed 85A on the 13th June 1955GWR ROD 2-8-0British RailwaysWorcester shed 13/6/1955
About 20 steam locomotives and other rolling stock in view. Photo taken from Railway Walk, Worcester
JM12243-e2Image JM12243-e243812MR Class 3F 0-6-0British RailwaysWorcester shed 13/6/1955
Also in shot: 3607 GWR 5700 Class 0-6-0PT and 5914 GWR 4900 "Hall" Class "Rippon Hall"
JM12244Image JM12244Broom Junction looking South 19 August 1960Broom Junction Station 20/5/1965
Compare with JM12240 and JM12242
JM12245Image JM1224548672LMS Class 8F 2-8-0British RailwaysWadborough 20/3/1954
On mixed goods
JM12246Image JM122466937GWR 4900 "Hall" Class 4-6-0British Railways [Conyngham Hall]Upper Battenhall 27/3/1954
JM12247Image JM122475160GWR 5101 Class 2-6-2TBritish RailwaysUpper Battenhall 22/6/1953
JM12248Image JM122484255GWR 4200 Class 2-8-0TBritish RailwaysGloucester 12/12/1953
Buffer just out of shot and poor depth of field.