All photos on this web site are copyright R J Hobbs / NA3T in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended) (CDPA).

In simple terms this means that you can buy photos as either digital downloads and/or ready printed “Mail Order” photos for your personal use. “Personal use” does not include printing them off and selling them or copying them to CD and selling them as parts of a “collection”. These activities contravene the CDPA and would violate our intellectual property rights.

It is also a violation of CDPA to simply sell unauthorised copies (also known as bootleg copies) that you have purchased elsewhere.

As with copyright infringement of music or films, the unlicensed copying and/or sale of our photos is a criminal act and liable to prosecution under UK Law so, if you don’t want to find an officer from Trading Standards breathing down your neck and possibly walking off with your scanner/computer/disks, don’t do it.

Copyright theft may also be prosecuted under Civil Law. To use our photos commercially you will need to buy a license. Any unauthorised use of our photos will be charged at twice the normal which we will add any additional costs related to the recovery.

eBay and other sales
Selling on eBay is a commercial use. We have licensed certain individuals to sell our photos on ebay and for more information about this please contact us. If you sell unlicensed/unauthorised NA3T photos on eBay or anywhere else for that matter, after having been asked not to, expect to receive an invoice from us in accordance with our published rates.